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This is an amazing job made by Hernán David Muñoz Ch. You can follow him from here: https://www.facebook.com/. He developed an incredible 360° website about Tayrona.

Where exactly is Tayrona located?

Tayrona National Park is located on the Caribbean coast, a 1-hour bus ride from the city of Santa Marta.

Tayrona park on the map

Why is it so famous?

The national park is a treasure for those interested in nature and its fascinating wildlife.

According to Yulia, “Even if you are not a big fan of animals, you will still love the park! Tayrona is also a great gateway for those who simply want to relax on some of the loveliest South American coast lines, have a digital detox and get closer to nature. And it is just a fun adventure by itself!”

Don’t forget to visit the 360° website here: http://tayrona360.com